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I Am Diversity at Adelphi Initiative

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The I Am Diversity at AU Initiative was created to highlight the diversity among faculty, staff, and students. The posters highlight diversity in participants’ social identities such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion, as well as personal identities that made participants unique. We hope this series will help to spark a dialogue about the meaning of diversity and the expression of our individual identities.

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I Am Diversity - Abigail Paulion I Am Diversity - Julianna Claase
I-Am-Diversity-Kristie-Ranchurejee I Am Diversity - Scott Pero
I-Am-Diversity-Sarah-Eltabib I-Am-Diversity-Ahn-Nguyen
I-Am-Diversity-Kathrin-Ramirez I-Am-Diversity-Sayyeda-Khalfan
I-Am-Diversity-Fabian-Burrell I-Am-Diversity-Ammie-Lin
I-Am-Diversity-Titilope-Alawode I-Am-Diversity-Perry-Greene
I-Am-Diversity-Della-Hudson I-Am-Diversity-Robert-Scott
I-Am-Diversity-Taryn-Maudsley I-Am-Diversity-Esther-Goodcuff

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