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Alternative Break Programs

Alternative spring or winter break programs engage you in social awareness and action by offering community service projects. Getting involved with any one of our programs will expand your horizons and allow you to explore a new culture.

By participating, you will develop your social responsibility and leadership skills, as well as allow you to get involved invaluable services.

There is limited space available for these programs. 

Upcoming Programs:

Winter Break 2019: Puerto Rico

Join us in our partnership with Appleseed Expeditions for Alternative Winter Break: Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico, officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. During our stay we are intended to volunteer at a local orphanage and school, helping after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.  Service could change based off of the need of the community when we arrive.

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Past Programs:

Spring Break 2018: San Francisco, California
The economic boom has accelerated an already serious gap between rich and poor, making housing unaffordable for working class residents. That has placed further strain on social systems like food banks, soup kitchens, health clinics and youth centers.Adelphi partners with Break a Difference in San Francisco, California so that students could help in these areas, along with the series of environmental projects restoring public space for the benefit of everyone, in a community that values its green space.

Winter Break 2018: Houston, Texas
Students spent winter break volunteering in Houston, Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Spring Break 2017: Dominican Republic
Travel with Adelphi to the Dominican Republic to help serve their local communities.

Winter Break 2016: Baton Rouge and New Orleans 
Join us in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, while we partner with local organizations to assist in restoring homes in Baton Rouge and continue to support efforts in revitalizing areas of New Orleans.

Spring Break 2015: Dominican Republic
Through our partnerships with local orphanages and organizations, our group will have the opportunity to aid the local children through mentoring and games as well as building and cleaning-up facilities.Trip includes hotel, airfare, meals and a full day of tourism.

Winter Break 2015: South Florida
Volunteer with migrant worker children in South Florida. Recreational activities include kayaking and an airboat ride in the Everglades.

Winter Break 2015: Belize
Volunteer in the Liberty Children’s Home in Belize city as well as at the Belize Zoo. Recreational activities include cave tubing and zip riding at Caves Branch Outpost.

Spring Break 2014: Guatemala
Students spent the week in a beautiful location, painting houses with “Techos Para Mi Pais” and working with disabled children through FUNDABIEM. Students also enjoyed a day of fun and relaxation, touring the Chich Lecastenango and Lake Atitlan regions.

Winter Break 2014: South Florida
Students had the chance to mentor impoverished migrant worker children in Homestead, FL through reading, computer assistance, soccer games, and music, as well as helping with conservation efforts to preserve and rehabilitate the unique ecological system of southern Florida. Recreational activities included exploring mangrove habitats by kayaking in the backcountry.

Winter Break 2013: New Orleans
Students helped in the relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Isaac as well as the ongoing efforts to clean up after the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

Spring Break 2013: Costa Rica
Students enjoyed rainforest excursions and riverboat cruises while giving back to the local community.

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